Asthma and Asthma Attacks – Causes

Asthma and Asthma Attacks – Causes

Asthma is a serious respiratory disease. And sometimes asthma is irreversible and requires constant monitoring and treatment of the disease. Support with drugs is an important point in the treatment, because their temporary exclusion can lead a person to a critical condition in which the patient can fall into intensive care. In severe cases where asthma is chronic requires better control. In some cases, asthma can be treated not only with drugs, but also with proper nutrition. Many doctors do not pay attention to this, but many products can be a factor of Allergy and provocation of asthma. In frequent cases, asthmatics with long-term use of drugs there is erectile dysfunction, which is as difficult to treat as asthma, but there are a number of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, for example, you can read about Viagra on TopMedx.

Are there restrictions on the lifestyle of an asthma patient?

YES! There are a number of things that are forbidden to do asthmatics:

1) Work in the production where there are chemicals in the air that can provoke asthma (the smell of paint, gasoline, aciton, and various chemicals)

2) it is Strictly forbidden to keep animals at home, regardless of their size or gender. There is an opinion that males are allergenic animals, and females-no, – this opinion is extremely wrong! Both the female and the male are allergens for asmatics and will provoke slugs inside the bronchi, which will further worsen the possibility of treatment.

3) you should also warn loved ones that would not give flowers on holidays. In fact any flowers for the allergic asthmatic. Especially in the spring when flowers and trees bloom. Poplar fluff is extremely dangerous for asthmatics as it carries pollen. So if you choose your location for life, you need to choose a house away from the flowering gardens and poplars. 4) Sport is health, but not in the case of asthma. Sharp movements and sports, physical activity will only worsen the condition of the patient, because it will provoke shortness of breath and acid starvation of the brain.

Why so many asthma get headaches?

That patients come not only with a claim of bad breath, but pain in the head and heart, why is this happening? After all, shortness of breath prevents the flow of oxygen, and the absence of oxygen causes the brain to starve and increases blood pressure. In consequence of the fact that oxygen is supplied little-the heart begins to work harder. Due to this, there is not only shortness of breath, but also pain in the head, high blood pressure and heart pain. Asthma in the World is not the main problem, very often in the second world there are problems with bacteria of the intestine, oral cavity and parasites appear in the body. Ciprofloxacin-the best treatment of microbes in the body, according to the results of research-see PDF, you can learn about the work of ciprofloxacin