Emotional distress and impotence. Smiles are evil?

Emotional distress and impotence. Smiles are evil?

Mental state influences on human health. Millions of processed information affect the mental state of a person and as a result – his health. In today’s world, a person receives more information than even 50 years ago. After all, now we have gadgets, the Internet, smartphones and constantly get a lot of information. How can information be so harmful? Yes, it is harmful when a lot of information is received in his head, the brain is loaded and the mental state deteriorates.

How to understand the communication in correspondence (text and smiles) that a person has a mental disorder?

Well-known psychologist Dr. Ashton talked about how smileys can determine the disorder. Of course this is only his theory and we do not convince you of its correctness. As Dr. Ashton said – “look carefully at how your interlocutor communicates. If in the answer he sends messages, inserting a few smiles – this is normal, and when an excessive number of smiles in communication it suggests his mental instability. We live in a modern society where the emotional reaction in the form of a smile – the norm of communication on the Internet, but everything should be a measure. It’s like a person when communicating overly emotionally reacts in communication, for example, constantly laughing or Vice versa – snarling. So same and excessive number of emoticons says about his mental disorder.”

How does the mental state affect the potency?

As you know, erectile dysfunction may be due to the appearance of mental disorders (depression, apathy, sadness, or Vice versa too bright joy). Most people suffering from impotence are looking for the causes of physical disorders: trauma, vascular problems or diabetes. But the cause of erectile dysfunction can sometimes be a mental disorder. It is important to seek immediate medical attention for treatment primarily neurological condition, not its potency. Most patients come to the urologist for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and their urologist sends to the neurologist for the treatment of the causes of impotence.


How to treat erectile dysfunction after visiting a neurologist?

Once you have visited a neurologist and have undergone a course of rehabilitation of your condition, then you can go to the urologist and begin to treat impotence further. The most effective treatment in urology impotence is Sildenafil which is sold online under the name – Viagra. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to buy this drug by prescription, and the prescription is given by the attending physician. There are of course Canadian pharmacy that issue Viagra without a prescription, but these are already significantly few as American companies are trying to prohibit the sale of online without a prescription, as it is not profitable for the United States.